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(ENGLISH) 2017.05.30 wXw Shotgun 307

(ENGLISH) 2017.05.30 wXw Shotgun 307
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At wXw Shotgun RISE are kicking in full gear today. They are not only wrestling the main event but taking center stage in this episode. Learn about the motivation behind the new force in wXw and see the CEO react to them. Talking about Christian Michael Jakobi: We have a big surprise for him right before the event in Hamburg. And while we're at it, let's get you caught up to speed before the feature event on Friday night.

RISE (Young Lions & Chris Colen) vs. A4 & Francis Kaspin
Da Mack vs. Kim Ray vs. Laurance Roman vs. Marius van Beethoven
Julian Nero vs. Jaxon Stone

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