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[ENGLISH] (2016.11.10) wXw Shotgun PLUS 281 - back into the spotlight

[ENGLISH] (2016.11.10) wXw Shotgun PLUS 281 - back into the spotlight
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Todays Episode: EMIL SITOCI is demanding the spotlight fromwXw athletic director Karsten Beck. We take a look at a monumetal Tag Team Match between A4 and Bad Bones John Klinger along his friend Francis Kaspin. Also new matches for the ongoing Shotgun-Livetour and the upcoming Feature Event in Weyhe this weekend. After being attacked by the CERBERUS, Bad Bones talks for the first time.

These are this week's full length matches for wXw Shotgun PLUS on wXwNOW:
A4 (Absolute Andy & Marius Al-Ani) vs Bad Bones John Klinger & Francis Kaspin
Emil Sitoci vs Johnny Evers
PLUS Main Event: Jurn Simmons vs Paul London

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