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(ENGLISH) 2015.08.29 wXw FAN 2015 OBERHAUSEN

(ENGLISH) 2015.08.29 wXw FAN 2015 OBERHAUSEN
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The Fans Appreciation Nights kick off wXws 15th Anniversary Tour. Just one day after becoming the new wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion "Bad Bones" John Klinger defends the title against AJ Styles and Karsten Beck in a 3 way dance.

Adam Polak reveals the third head of Cerberus. Cerberus then goes to war with Big Daddy Walter & Hot and Spicy.

The Rotation returns from Mexico. Damian O'Connor debuts in Oberhausen. Kay Lee Ray visits from Scotland. More than 530 fans in the sold-out arena create an unique atmosphere for this event.

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